02 Aug 2017 w/ Dirtwire Taos, NM Taos Mesa Brewing Taos Mesa Brewing Buy ticket
04 Aug 2017 w/ Pretty Lights, Atmosphere, STS9, Tipper George, WA Gorge Amphitheater Gorge Amphitheater Buy ticket
10 Aug 2017 w/ Late Night Radio, Paul Basic, Mikey Thunder Denver, CO Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Buy ticket
12 Aug 2017 Summer Meltdown Darrington, WA Darrington Music Park Darrington Music Park Buy ticket
17 Aug 2017 w/ Daily Bread, LWKY Chicago, IL Chop Shop Chop Shop Buy ticket
10 Sep 2017 Laniakea Transformational Fest College Corner, OH Hannon's Camp America Hannon's Camp America Buy ticket
23 Sep 2017 w/ Russ Liquid Test Philadelphia, PA Foundry Foundry Buy ticket
26 Sep 2017 w/ Russ Liquid Test Syracuse, NY Wescott Theater Wescott Theater Buy ticket
27 Sep 2017 w/ Russ Liquid Test Cambridge, MA Sinclair Sinclair Buy ticket
28 Sep 2017 w/ Russ Liquid Test Burlington, VT Higher Ground Higher Ground Buy ticket
29 Sep 2017 w/ Russ Liquid Test Hamden, CT Ballroom at Outerspace Ballroom at Outerspace Buy ticket
30 Sep 2017 w/ Russ Liquid Test Baltimore, MD Soundstage Soundstage Buy ticket
01 Oct 2017 w/ Russ Liquid Test Richmond, VA Broadberry Broadberry Buy ticket
06 Oct 2017 w/ Thriftworks, Jaw Gems Boulder, CO The Fox Theater The Fox Theater Buy ticket
09 Dec 2017 Island of LIght Fajardo, Puerto Rico El Conquistador El Conquistador Buy ticket